We Build Market-Leading Businesses

Three Ships is a growth equity firm that specializes in the digital distribution of products and services.
We identify opportunities, launch businesses, build great leadership teams, and help them scale.

What We Do

We build the digital edge to create the next generation of market-leading businesses.

Why We Exist

We help leaders unlock their full potential through the journey of building high-growth, healthy businesses.

How We Win

Create Deeply-Researched Strategies

Build High-Performing Leadership Teams

Find Breakthrough Consumer & Market Insights

Our Digital Businesses

We’re building enduring, great businesses that shape the world for the better. Meet them.

Home Solutions

Home Solutions connects homeowners with providers to make home service experiences better for everyone. Through its portfolio of brands, Home Solutions has a proprietary audience of 47+ million high-intent homeowners.


Pillar 4 is a portfolio of digital brands that connects consumers to the best products across health and wellness. Pillar4 brands include Sleepopolis, Mattress Clarity, BarBend, Garage Gym Reviews, and Sports Illustrated Showcase.


3S UK’s vertically-focused marketplaces match people to the right product or service provider for their needs. 3S UK empowers millions of consumers in the United Kingdom to make their most important purchasing decisions with confidence.


Stacksphere provides enterprise-quality product advice to small and medium-sized businesses, helping them make smart technology decisions without sitting through time-consuming product demos.

Three Ships Alumni

Our principals have incubated or invested in specialized digital partners, including New Media Campaigns (a web design and development agency), Demand Signals (acquired by TRANZACT in October 2016), and Lavalier (a specialized jewelry insurance provider acquired by WR Berkley).


Our name honors the spirit of exploration.

Those who set sail, uncertain of the final destination. Those who took the risk when they could have stayed ashore.

Three Ships evokes the innovative spirit that’s required to navigate the ever-changing tide of digital marketing. Change strengthens you because it presents new opportunities. Winning in digital businesses requires a bold vision… and bold moves.

Unique Capabilities

We use our digital edge to build market-leading businesses that simplify, elevate, and reimagine consumer experiences.