Three Ships Media is Now Three Ships!

I almost picked the name “Kudzu Media” over Three Ships Media as I started the company in the fall of 2009. The fast growth of the Japanese plant mirrored the boom in digital media, or so I reasoned. Thank goodness that an intern pushed forward Three Ships Media as an alternative. For that, I am eternally grateful. After all, who wants to work at a company named after an invasive weed?

The “Three Ships Media” name has fit us well. From our office decor to our “SAILOR” values, the team has fully embraced the spirit of exploration that brought the “Three Ships” — the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria — to the Americas in 1492.

As the new frontiers of digital marketing push our company beyond just creating and buying media, we’re now formally embracing that change by simplifying our name. Three Ships Media will now be Three Ships. This simplification mirrors an informal trend that has already happened among our team and clients, who already refer to us with the shorthand of “Three Ships.”

The name Three Ships will continue to honor the innovative spirit of explorers who look to the promise of tomorrow. It also reflects our success in moving beyond media buying and content creation to help clients grow their businesses across all digital channels.

As digital marketing becomes a key driver of business strategy, companies need a focused, data-driven specialist to increase their efficiency and revenue.

To deliver on that need, we are innovating at a faster pace than ever. In recent years, we have built data-mining capabilities, created proprietary technology, and consulted clients on all aspects of digital strategy. Private equity firms have turned to us to evaluate deals. Public companies have turned to us to help them achieve transformations. In a few weeks (**teaser**), we even plan to announce that we are making a significant investment in a digitally-driven specialty insurance company. If our Digital Edge can power extreme growth for businesses, count us in.

Thanks to a great team, smart and supportive clients, and a transformational moment in marketing, our future has never been brighter. We’re excited to forge ahead with the name Three Ships.