Mural Honors the New Generation of Explorers

After I founded this company, it took at least six weeks to name it.  I’m sure that everyone — particularly early colleagues — was relieved when we finally arrived upon a name. Could you imagine telling your parents you just got a job offer from “Newco”?

An intern, Graham, suggested the name Three Ships. I loved it. It refers to the small fleet that Columbus led to the New World. Those who sailed the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria were not actually the first to discover the Americas. But they were the first who remained. All around us there are explorers, entrepreneurs charting new frontiers. But many will not remain.  Remember MySpace?  Friendster?  Napster?

Our company name honors the explorers who endured. Our offices are named after these explorers. (Mine after Shackleton.) We draw inspiration from their stories and their examples.

Shortly after Neil Armstrong’s death, Creative Director Nuno Gomes conceived a mural that honors a different generation of explorers than the ones who sailed Three Ships. Our team assembled more than 8,000 sticky notes to create the mural. The result is awesome — a truly unique piece of art. To me the fact that we used sticky notes to construct it is particularly meaningful, because we used so many thousands of sticky notes early on as we built our values and innovated with customers.

Exploration drives our team every day. And I’m proud this mural symbolizes that innovative spirit.