Ideas are Easy, Execution is Hard

Wow, this is rich.  Acxiom – a $1bn direct mail agency trying to reinvent itself as a big data and digital player – is running an advertising campaign.  Here are the problems.

  1. When you click, the ad takes you to the homepage of their website which most prominently features messaging on the bad PR coverage they’ve recently gotten.  (Not the campaign described).
  2. When I did find the campaign landing page, it had an ambiguous call to action… either take a survey or get a whitepaper… I honestly couldn’t tell what the “ask” was
  3. Turns out the whitepaper listed in the ad (“Customer Centricity Paradox”… whatever that is) isn’t actually the whitepaper available (“State of the Industry”)

Ahhh!  What’s so ironic about this, of course, is the whole campaign is based on the premise that they will communicate a new definition of digital marketing excellence.

Maybe Acxiom should hire a digital agency?