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Icons are made. Not born. This is more than a tagline. It’s a guiding principle. A Three Ships Internship is the start to building your iconic career.


Who are you? You’re the best in your class. Not only in brain power but in ideas, drive and gumption. You have an unyielding interest in the digital world and you can’t wait to dive in.

Our program abandons the notion of a mainstream internship, venturing beyond basic “agency world exposure.” As a Three Ships intern, you will work with the team, not for the team. We give you both opportunity and responsibility. The freedom to experiment. To whet your appetite in the world of digital marketing.

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The Basics

Our internship program lasts 10 weeks, spanning early June to late August. Three Ships Interns work Tuesday – Friday, or about 30 hours a week, and are paid $12 an hour. You must be a recent grad (no more than 1 year post grad) or rising senior to apply.

Key Dates

March 19 – Open House from 5-7:30 pm (please apply to receive an invitation)

March 21 – Applications due

April 11 – Interview Super-day

April 16-20 – Offers Extended

June 5 – Program Begins

Aug 17 – Program Ends

Internship Opportunities

Three Ships interns will be selected to work at one of our companies (CRISP, 3S Ventures, House Method and Mattress Advisor) based on skills and interest. Our interns will work together throughout the summer on a capstone project and various day-to-day projects.  See below for the current opportunities available within the Three Ships family of companies.

Analytics & Digital Advertising

Generate data, analyze performance, influence strategy, and optimize campaigns to drive positive-ROI results for our media clients.

Client Services

Learn the ropes of client delivery by assisting the client services team as you build win-win relationships and deliver on success for our clients.

Editorial & Promotions

Produce high-quality, shareable content campaigns and pitch them to media outlets and web properties to grow our digital presence.

Graphic Design

Create digital campaign assets to help our clients achieve their marketing goals.

Motion Graphics

Make things move on websites, social media and display advertisements through animation or motion graphics.

Web Development

Build websites and web applications that help our clients achieve their marketing goals.

The Three Ships Internship Experience

Full Immersion

As a Three Ships intern, you will be fully integrated into the team. You’ll sit next to full-time staff and participate in company-wide meetings and cultural activities. You’ll also contribute to our social channels and present work weekly to fellow interns and full-time staff.

Learn and Share

Each intern is assigned a personal coach to help you navigate your organization, prioritize your work and grow your skills. Your coach will provide constructive feedback to help you take on greater responsibility. Starting on day one you will learn about all aspects of marketing and advertising through presentations and workshops by our experienced staff. Each intern will also receive a personal copy of Traction, which explains the framework on which our business is built. You will not only grow in your area of expertise, but you’ll understand the inner-workings of our business.


You will be assigned to a capstone project in which you will solve a real-world business challenge. The project will include collaborating on an integrated marketing plan and executing a full marketing campaign. At the end of the program, you will have an opportunity to present your finished work to the company.

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