Digital IQ:
Our 1,000 point competitive benchmarking assessment

Three Ships Digital IQWe rank you and selected competitors on different measures of digital success. Systematically understand where you have opportunities to close gaps or outpace the competition. Three Ships Best Practices Research

Digital Roadmap:
1 year-to-5 year digital strategic planning

Three Ships Digital RoadmapWe work with your team to develop a long-term roadmap for how you compete and win. Your digital strategy aligns marketing, IT, and finance on what investments to make and what capabilities to build. Three Ships C-Suite Intelligence

Due diligence and capital allocation

Three Ships Digital InvestmentsWe help investors rigorously assess the opportunities and risks related to acquiring businesses with significant digitally-influenced revenue streams. Three Ships On-Site Presentations

Deal Evaluation

Led digital marketing due diligence for the $100mn + acquisition of a major ecommerce company by a leading private equity firm. Quantified risks and opportunities by channel, helping to identify more than $5 million in Year 1 EBITDA improvements the buyer could achieve.

Deal Evaluation

Evaluated marketing-related acquisitions for a private equity-owned company looking to develop “captive” lead sources. Our analysis showed the previously negotiated term-sheet overvalued company more than 2x, and the led buyer to walk away from a deal that would have destroyed shareholder value.

New Digital Business

Developed product concepts, market research, and full business case to launch a set of digital products to grow revenue and hedge against cannibalization of an international business reliant on brick & mortar locations. The CEO green-lighted the new business unit based on our work.

Research Library

Engaging Your Audience Online

Select an appropriate strategy for online engagement based on your needs, capacity, and resources.

Evaluating Your Website: A Guide to User Experience Testing

Is your website effective? This paper explains the three steps of usability testing. You’ll also get case studies, a guide for hiring a usability expert, a checklist of common usability problems, and a directory of online usability tools.

Creating a Digital Campaign

Learn how to plan, execute, and measure a customized digital campaign.  This report features best practices, actionable insights, process steps, and case studies.

Leveraging Digital Media in Crises

This paper analyzes eight recent major crises, from the earthquake in Haiti to the recent Tylenol recalls. We uncover key lessons in crisis preparation and management.

Building Thought Leadership on Twitter

Discover strategies to strengthen the content and professional appeal of your Twitter feed as well as techniques for successfully interacting with key opinion leaders.

Hungry and Clueless: Marketing a Restaurant to People Who Just Google "Restaurant"

There are over 3 million daily Google searches for "restaurant" or "restaurants" in the United States. Over half of those occur on a mobile device. This paper explains how savvy restaurants can leverage low-intent mobile searches to attract more customers.